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Just 12 miles from Lake Huron, Watertown Township encompasses picturesque farmlands in the Thumb of Michigan located adjacent to the Sanilac County seat of Sandusky. M-46 is the northern border running east and west M-19 runs north and south through the township. Township Board meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.



    The Watertown Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at a meeting on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Watertown Township Hall, 2630 South Sandusky Road, Sandusky. The public hearing is being held for the following purpose: To consider approving a site plan and special approval (special land use) application submitted by Watertown Solar, LLC, for a large solar energy system proposed to be constructed east of South Sandusky Road on parcels south of Sanilac Road and north of East Frenchline Road, on parcels identified as follows: 240-015-400-020-00 (E. Walker Road, Carsonville) 240-016-100-040-00 (Cooper Road, Sandusky) 240-015-100-010-02 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-016-100-050-03 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-015-400-010-00 (E. Walker Road, Carsonville) 240-015-300-020-04 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-010-200-020-00 (525 S. Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-004-400-020-06 (E. Miller Road, Sandusky) 240-004-400-030-04 (E. Miller Road, Sandusky) 240-009-100-010-00 (E. Miller Road, Sandusky) 240-009-100-020-00 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-009-100-030-00 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-009-200-020-01 (E. Miller Road, Sandusky) 240-009-400-010-00 (Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-009-400-020-00 (E. Cooper Road, Sandusky) 240-016-100-010-00 (1050 S. Banner Road, Sandusky) 240-023-200-020-00 (E. Walker Road, Carsonville) 240-014-300-010-10 (E. Walker Road, Carsonville) 240-023-100-040-00 (Ayotte Road, Sandusky). Interested persons may submit written comments in advance of the meeting by mailing comments to P.O. Box 47, Sandusky, MI 48471. Interested persons also may make comments to the Planning Commission during the public hearing. This notice is posted in compliance with 1976 PA 267, as amended (Open Meetings Act), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A copy of the site plan and special land use application and its attachments may be obtained at the Township Hall by appointment and the Township may charge a reasonable fee for copies. For an appointment call Jim Hacker at 810-404-3252. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services who are planning to attend the meeting should notify the Township Clerk, Tammy Ross, at 810-648-4053, within a reasonable time in advance of the meeting.


    The Township will host its 4th Annual Community Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 14, 2024 from 9:00am-4:00pm. Dumpsters will be provided by Waste Management. No tires, chemicals, air conditioners, paint, freezers, refrigerators, ammunition or explosives will be accepted. PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANYTHING UNTIL SATURDAY DURING THE STATED HOURS.


    Until further notice please contact James Hacker, Watertown Township Planning Commission Chairperson, regarding all Land Use Permits. Phone: 810-404-3252, Email: hfparlors@att.net.


    The Planning Commission will be meeting the third Thursday of each month going forward, beginning with the April 20, 2023 meeting, ending with the June 20, 2024 meeting. Thereafter they will return to to the normal schedule of meeting every three months, unless deemed otherwise necessary at the June 20, 2024 meeting.


    MISS DIG is a FREE service and it is the law that you contact MISS DIG BEFORE you start digging. Please call 811 from your cell phone or go to their website www.missdig811.org BEFORE digging on your property.


    There is absolutely NO HUNTING allowed on Township Property!

  • MAIL

    Please be advised that NO MAIL is delivered to 2630 South Sandusky Road. Address any correspondence to: Watertown Township, PO Box 47, Sandusky, MI 48471.


    If you move into the township please send a letter with your name and address to the PO Box so township records reflect correct property owners.

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